Saturday, November 21, 2009

Missing you like Candy

The pics I've been able to get hold of, published in the first-ever issue of Candy Magazine, are out and away among the most beautiful I've posted on this blog. Just take a look at that previous posting! ("Candy be Good"). At the top, I'm displaying the main pic once again.
The very limited circulation of the ‘first transversal style’ magazine (featuring Luke Worrall as the cover face: "Candy Girl") in addition to their relatively hermetic on-line policies, makes in quite difficult to know what Mr. Venegas and his team are up to. That adds up to the mystery, lets admit.
On the other hand, thanks to one of the editorialists, stylist Robbie Spencer, who did this amazing job together with photographer Karim Sadli, one can peek into a few more magnificent images. The model is Callum Wilson.

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