Monday, June 28, 2010

Simons: Skirts Again!

Menswear Spring/Summer 2011

Truly elegant pencil skirts and ample trousers dominate the Belgian designer's show, as well as refined vests snd tops. 
The getups are so stylish, that I'm pretty sure we will be coming upon them on the streets next season. Dont' you agree?

I came across these at:


  1. Not the worst I have seen.
    Even if I should never give up trousers, the idea of skirts for men might not be that bad, after all. The more I think it over, the more sense it makes to me. Could replace shorts. Could become a valuable addition to our wardrobe. So yes, if they catch on, I'll be in the streets in skirts, that's for sure. I only have to convice my wife.

  2. Skirts and dresses for men? Why not? I think it's ok. But the shoes and the socks? Never in this combination!!!

  3. i think skirt or dress w/ tights 40 den or higher would be good + mid.size high heels

    p.s. 1 minus -SHAVE YOUR LEGS

  4. Can't agree more, friends! I always had the feeling that socks and dressing-shoes are not the sexiest possible combination when they're taken out of their natural context, i.e., concealed by some trousers. Mary-janes or sandals would look so much better. Even boots or clogs would do!
    As for convincing your wife, my anonymous friend... why don't you leave the computer open "by accident" on a page displaying men in kilts, skirts or dresses? (This blog might do) Maybe you'll be surprised by her reaction! My wife didn't have that chance: I wore skirts before I even met her!