Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Le Petit Prince

Prince Charles

Casting John Tan
Photography Agnese Mazzenzana
Model Charles Guislain 

In spite of his youth, or maybe precisely because of it, the extremely slim-bodied Prince Charles (Charles Guislain, 17) is certainly rising to super-model stardom at a rocketing pace,   embodying some contemporary male version of Twiggy.

Extremely skinny, to the point of concern, he seldom finds conventional menswear in his size. At least, that's what he claims in a recent interview. But he does have an amazing talent for modelling, and, besides, his refined fashion taste doesn't call for ordinary stuff. 

The afore mentioned interview was published complete at the interviewer's site, the stylist John Tan. Il also contains more pictures of the beautiful but scraggy prince.

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  1. OMG, he IS the male Twiggy!I never thought about him in that sense, haha. I still don't know how I feel about him but cheers to him for making a fashionable life for himself.


  2. i love him w/ all my heart. where did u get the photos? i love his sheertrail pants! hehe

  3. He defenitly has a female attitude, his face so soft. Hm but I think he should gain at least 5 kilos of body weight.

    great pictures

  4. Hey, R. Gratz! (I looove your blog, by the way): That's exactly how I feel. I like his style, but I am concerned about his health and the example he might be setting. Besides, he's so thin that I find some pics of his somewhat creepy to look at.

    I'm mentioning the source, Karl: John Tan published them in his blog: http://johntancasting.blogspot.com/2010/07/prince-charlescharles-guislain.html
    There are other very nice pics in it.

    Blackcowboy: I don't know if I would define his attitude as "female", but he does project a ravishing girly charm and he certainly has beautiful and delicate features. But I couldn't agree more: he would look so much better if he just put on some few more pounds. At least that's what I think.