Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Alexzander: New Clothes!

House of Alexzander

One of our favotite bloggers displays his most recent additions to his wardrobe.
Always a real treat!

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Friday, April 4, 2014

Being Brad

Rolling Stone

Does anyone remember these gorgeous pics of Brad Pitt in dresses for a that classic spread for Rolling Stone in 1999? 

Arguably, he looks even more devastating in a frock than in those cute mini-skirts he wore for the film Troy... and definitely more appealing than in his usual slacks! 

Grunge in Dress

Kurt Cobain

I recently came across a few really cool images of the legendary Nirvana lead vocalist wearing dresses. 
As a self-appointed feminist, Cobain was not shy in showing his feminine side. 
“Wearing a dress shows I can be as feminine as I want”, he said in this interview.

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Sasha Kanevski S/S 2014

Sasha Kanevski 

S/S 2014

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