Friday, March 25, 2011

Maxwell Silver Sandals

Spring Summer 2011 Collection

The German shoe brand Max Shoes is not advertising this wonderful footwear as shoes for men. 

But they do display them on male-model, who, by the way, looks stunning in them.

My guess is that they'd show sympathy and friendliness for a guy who dropped by to get a pair for himself. They might even carry something in his size!




  1. More and more men are wearing high heels every day and they should, it's time for Equality in Fashions with the lady's. For over 300 years men have been wearing uniforms and it's time for mens emancipation.
    It's time to stop this idea that men can't wear high heels, skirts or dresses or what ever they wish, it's time to free the slaves that is the males of the world to emancipate the male fashion industry.