Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Blogger Update: Ben

Ben In Dresses 

I just wanted to remind you of  this cool blogger who's unashamedly wearing dresses all the time. 
Good for him!

I really like the idea of him keeping his beard (I have a beard too!). It clearly indicates that he's not trying to "pass" as a l,ady, but rather that he is, simply put, a guy in a dress! A real new Male!

Check him out!

Ben, prevously on this blog

Other really cool bloggers

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  1. My friend passed this link along to me and I am quite honoured! I had no idea my stuff was spreading into Fashion Circles. And you capture my point exactly. It's all about the beard and chest hair being just as present as the skirt or dress. Why try to pass when I can rock all this hair?!