Monday, November 24, 2014

On my Way Out

Dress and necklace by Almagolondrina clothing

This is me!

I've come to realize that, even in these narcissistic days, the reign of the "selfie" and the brazen self-promotion, I've posted very few pics of myself in this blog. 

I guess I do experience  a bit of self-conciousness after all!

And then, I'm not precisely a model! 
But I do manage to somehow pull off quite a number of edgy styles.

The blogs I enjoy the most happen to be precisely those in which the authors share pictures of themselves displaying their wardrobes. I've frequently found inspiration for my own styling in them. 

Besides, most of them are far from having perfect bodies either. So I've decided to reciprocate. 
Who knows, maybe a few of my readers might find my looks stimulating, or at least help them gather the guts to go out in public in their own unconventional apparel.

Starting now, I mean to post pics of myself, at least once in a while.
Most of them will probably be shot just as I'm leaving home (like the ones I'm sharing here)
Please tell me what you think. 

Today's getup

Same blouse, worn last winter

A few posts with selfies


  1. Thanks for the selfies! Always nice to associate a face with a Blog... And to be reminded that there's a real, live person behind the scenes, putting it all together.

    I hope some day I'll have a chance to make it down to Argentina. Would love to share some drinks, and maybe even hear you sing. ;-) Keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Jim! Me too: I hope we could meet in person some day! (Or I might make it all the way North to Canada some day!) For the time being, you can listen me sing at my YouTube channel: (No fashion there, just singing by me, my wife, and a few friends)
    Take care!

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