Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Public Space

Ricky Sarkany

2015 Campaign

More and more often, the "mainstream" publicity dares to display alternative fashions for us gents, such as this large billboard featuring beautiful stilettos both for Him and for Her. 

(His, by the way, are funkier, in blazing red).

Should one infer that they are now coming in mens sizes?  


  1. In a way it's good. I think. But there's still a cognitive disconnect between the allowances given to the glitterati and the rules for the unwashed masses. Models, actors, superstars, and famous people are allowed to be eccentric (and in a way, expected to do things to shock and amaze). But when normal folk take on the mantle, society frowns and says, "...And just who do you think YOU are?"

    Not always the case... But common enough.

  2. So what....that's their problem not yours. ...nothing changes if people don't take risks and push the it's way more fun and amuch more satisfying and challenging journey to step out and learn to gain confidence showing creative outside the square being yourself instead of bowing down the boring gender binary. :-)