Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Catching Up With: Ivan

Ivan Fahy

I've been following him closely for a while now, especially his Facebook page
It turns out that, before I could even notice, this Schottish beau has become one of my very favorite models.

I love the fact that he truly is, to put a label on it, "androgynous", or I should rather say "gender-fluid".

He does display male "attributes" (he has recently shown us some facial hair, which I find irresistible!), while at the same time he shines wearing items that are traditionally considered "feminine", such as high-heels, and make up, 

I'm now sharing some pic which I believe I haven't posted before.

As he puts it, in a video I'm also sharing below, 
"I'm both male and female, I've both male and female organs: I have a penis, and I have a brain"

Last February, Ivan appeared in a TEDx  Talk:

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