Monday, July 10, 2017


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  1. Hello dear, I really feel that i should voice my opinion about your blogging mission. I feel that what you are promoting is really unhealthy and sacrilegious. Everything has its own place and purpose, you are promoting corruption and chaos.Please reconsider this.

    1. I really appreciate your comment. In fact, its actually the first negative remark I've got since I first started blogging nine years ago. I believe that it could lead us to an interesting debate, but I'm afraid this might not be the ideal context for it to take place.
      Anyways, of course I knew that a great deal of disapproval was to be expected, but I have to say that I'm a bit surprised by the adjectives you've chosen in expressing it.
      Many physicians, especially urologists, have stated that skirts are actually healthier for men to wear than pants, as they keep the male genitalia at a lower temperature than the rest of the body. It's he shift from skirts to pants, which occurred in the Western world starting in the XVI century, the actual "unhealthy" practice. The same goes for leggings and dresses: if we are talking about health, that's what the guys should wear in preference to slacks.
      On the other hand, since female genitalia are concealed inside their bodies and naturally maintain the same temperature, they are the ones who should be wearing pants (and the do, nowadays!).
      As for "sacrilegious", inter-sexed individuals and androgynous people are held in high esteem and even revered in many many religions. Would my blog seem sacrilegious to them?

      Styles, fashions, and gender-stereotypes, they are all social conventions. Human cultural constructions. They don't exist in nature. What is today considered to be "manly", was previously considered "feminine" (like smoking), and the other way around (pink was for boys back in the Victorian era).
      Tomorrow things could be entirely different.

      I'm sorry if you feel in any way offended by this (it's never been my intention to offend anyone), but I don't think I'll reconsider any time soon, as I don't think that what I'm promoting is unhealthy or inappropriate. Quite oh the contrary, I believe in tolerance, respect, and the acceptance of that rich diversity -both sexual and behavioral- that distinguish us as Human beings.

      Again, thanks for posting.