Thursday, February 18, 2010

Me & Myself

Alter Ego page 13

"Alter Ego"
Published by

Photography Alexander Beer
Model Peter Cairns

Although a few of my readers are sure dying to be dressed and shot in this fashion, I know that, for most of you, this may be a bit over the top.
But let's admit that Peter looks really gorgeous as his "alter ego".

Alter Ego page 16

Alter Ego page 17

Some of my readers might not wear this outfit to a party, ...

Alter Ego page 18

... while some of us do occasionally dress in similar styles.

Anyways, the editorial also carries less "troubling" getups, such as this magnificent golden jacket...

Alter Ego page 8

... and what about these "half and half"?

Alter Ego page 20

Check out the whole thing at

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