Monday, November 21, 2011

A.Concept Wedding

Are you getting married? Don't panic: you can stay away from the old, conventional "bridegroom uniform" of yesteryear: award-winnig Australian designer Anthony Capon has the perfect outfit for you.

(He's shown above with one of his award-winnig dresses: not the one he's wearing, but the yellow one, displayed here by a model)

While the bride is clad in her immaculate white gown (or tuxedo, or whatever she pleases), her husband-to-be could follow Capon's advise, and walk down the aisle in this getup, complete with Alexander Wang high-heeled boots (the model below is the designer himself) 

By the way, one of Tony's fans asked him if he could design a special leather jacket just for him. 
And the designer complied, presenting him with the coat shown below...

Who knows... maybe he could design something exclusive for you as well!

(Designer Ostertag displaying his own wedding dress)
(Male model Pejic as Gaultier's "bride")

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