Monday, November 21, 2011

More Candy, More!

Most of my followers are already aware that Candy, the world's first "trans-versal" magazine is out, and has reached it's third issue. 

The launch has been advertised by means of this video (above), publicizing all the big names included in it's almost 400 pages: Jackie Collins, Jenny Shimizu, Kabuki, Lea T. and Andrej Pejic.

The first fashion magazine "dedicated to celebrating transvestism, transexuality, crossdressing and androgyny in all their glory", according to it's publisher, Luis Venegashas a limited edition of (...alas!) only 1000 copies.

So you better rush, and get your own copy on-line 

The publication features the inimitable Andrej Pejic (above). 
(See Candy)

Model Martin Cohn styled himself (above)

As a special feature, the magazine includes a dossier on the Italian pop singer Mina.
It displays some of the gender-transgressive album-covers designed for the diva by the legendary photographer Mauro Balletti 
(such as the one pictured above)

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