Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Korea Got Rhythm


 Not only is JYJ Korea's leading boy band, but their performances are also a delight to watch, fashion-wise, that is.

The K-pop group is formed by Kim Jae Joong, Park Yu Chun and Kim Jun Su (hence their name), after they split from TVXQ, a five member group that rose to be considered one of Asia's most successful teenage groups and was labelled as "Asia's Stars".

After filing a lawsuit against their former agents, the kids launched their new three-some career in Japan, in 2010. 

They're currently ending an extended World Tour, which included not only Asia, but also Europe and America. In fact, they became the first ever Korean group to hold a solo concert in South America.

Their performances are always spiced-up with fun and classy styles, such as these:

Kim Junsu, as of late also known by his artistic name of Xiah, has recently broke up from his pals in order to engage in a solo-career (I don't know whether it's a definitive breakup or an isolate event). 

For his solo video debut, he displays a brand new platinum-blond hair, eye-makeup, painted nails, earrings, and really, really cool costumes!

See the complete vid of his single, from his album Tarantallegra: 


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  1. Xiah is still a member of JYJ and this it's just a solo act... Not a first one... In 2010 he released japanese single "Xiah"... If you're interested, you can find MV to "Intoxication" song, and... When it comes to this video... He displays all this that you wrote about and... Also a bit of cross-dress [long haired girl at 1:54] which, in my opinion, suits him very well... Don't you think so..?