Saturday, May 19, 2012

Malevolution IV

The Femiman Revolution

If you really didn't know what a "femiman" is,  that would mean, nowadays, that you are no fashion expert. That you're clueless about what is going on in the world of fashion.

In fact, having femimen on the runways has of late become a major trend in the industry.

According to current idiomatic expressions, a "femiman" is a guy who, being born a male, is constantly mistaken for a female. 

The reason for the mis-identification may be either a frail figure, slender frame, or thin extremities, any of which can be taken for a very thin girl's. These features of course can be further enhanced by wearing makeup or by androgynous or feminine choices of clothing, which may include many items traditionally set apart for the ladies.

When Gaultier chose Serbian-Australian model Andrej Pejic (above) as his new muse and had him display both men and female clothing, he was opening the way to many other young male-models whose androgynous attributes enables them to appear in both male and female runways, or anything in-between. (Such as Stas Fedyanin, below)

It has been said that femimen bring bad publicity to "male" skirts, or high heels. Those items, it has been argued, should be worn in a "masculine" setting, and presented as legitimate menswear.

"Cross-dressing sissies" can only bring discredit to the cause of male fashion freedom, it has been alleged. I happen to think exactly the opposite. I believe that, the more public opinion accepts males in female runways (and the other way around), the more it will be willing to admit unconventional fashions of any sort.

What is your opinion?

Pejic for Rosa Clar√°


Other Femimen

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