Monday, June 10, 2013

Street Scene: Skirts 8

Armario Masculino

August 2012
Kilt by Thiago Bernardo
Photography Julia Cascaes
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Of the Fashion World

Caio Braz

Fashion designer from Brazil
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JP on Fashion Speed

Fashion Blogger JP Sinsong in a pencil-cut skirt

The Boy Who Cried Chos

Fashion blogger, stylist, photographer Jujiin Samonte

Reginaldo Noveli

Brazilian Dancer

Other skirted gents:

A French Gentleman in Fowey, Cornouailles, wearing a denim kilt
June 2011  

Barefoot Man in a Kilt, San Francisco, California
Phography by Lynn Friedman

A College Student in a Kilt

The Grand Finale:

Pretty Man in a Mini-Skirt
(Dec. 2008)

Model Jake Gordon in a radical outfit that includes a strange looking skirt

Last but not least:

Yes, I know I'm no model, but I'm constantly asked to share pics of myself, so here it goes.
Let's say it's my signature.
I doesn't qualify as "street-fashion" either, but then it's not easy to take pictures of yourself when you're out in the street. At least, I'm in front of the hall-mirror, "on my way out".

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  1. Waoow!!! never thought men could wear skirts. But some of them really look cool. I would definitly wear a kilt/

    Great post ;-)

    Check out my blog and followback

  2. I am promoting the use of skirts, dresses and skirts for men with men.
    Traditionally, men were always dressed in skirts, tunics and dresses with skirts. Only 300 years ago that we were forced to dress in pants; and urinate standing; (Pee standing I consider unnatural).
    I've come to realize that use of the pants we have also been induced to disrupt our health. When a man is forced to urinate standing is affecting the prostate and many other parts of their anatomy; NATURAL because the design of our sphincters is operating in synchronism; there is not a person who makes deposition; and then get up to urinate FOOT. These are customs created by the use of unhealthy items such as the use of uncomfortable pants. THE MOST NATURAL, HEALTHY AND COMFORTABLE TO ANY PERSON IS SITTING relieve themselves OR SQUAT. Otherwise, we could say that in this case TECHNOLOGY tramples NOS (having a comfortable toilet (or health), and prefer to sprinkle us uncomfortable by any party, without this being an absurdity.
    The health of heterosexual males being viewed badly damaged by the use of inappropriate clothing, and uncomfortable.
    Pants using a strap or belt that acts as a tourniquet, (preventing good blood irrigation in the body, and especially in the digestive system, urinary system, reproductive system, and circulatory system.
    The shot pants (so the center seam that joins the two legs, or pant legs, bruised, crushed, lacerated, and compresses drastically genitals); BODY PARTS ABUSES OF A MAN, OR BOTH AS GENITAL bruises.
    Zipper or closure has caused many accidents especially in infants abusing the foreskin.
    The underwear acts as a splint; (= Fitting splint that immobilizes a body part), causing disruption and subsequent discomfort.
    There is a need to design a more comfortable and healthy underpants; and no need to return to wear skirts and dresses with skirts instead of pants uncomfortable. The pants attentive to the health and quality of life of people.

  3. It certainly makes more sense for a male to wear a skirt than a female due to anatomy crotch binding inseams, cooler than shorts and if short freedom of movement is outstanding. Men have worn short skirts throughout time far longer than women have so it's nothing new but not vogue right now.

    Mini skirts ARE catching on for men as they discover the benefits of wearing them for running, hiking and sitting... nothing is more comfortable (pun intended).

    The key to making them popular again is not to "cross dress" (look like a woman or impersonate one). Simply be a guy in a skirt that is non fem looking and you will be fine. See these guys in skirts and note they still look like guys: and more here:
    If you are sexist, homophobic or insecure you are likely not to make the discovery. Same for the guys with issues thinking a skirt will somehow make them gay. Once a guy (without issues) tries on a short skirt on a hot day he isn't likely to give it up... (nor should he).