Tuesday, June 25, 2013

We're Following: thMNSTR

I've been following for a while this mesmerizing blog by this talented Welsh artist. 
A self-appointed narcissist, the gripping samples of his artwork are interspersed with pictures of himself displaying his fondness of dresses, and make up. 

He states several reasons why he hasn't allowed to be a transvestite: 

His beard; the fact that he doesn't always shave his legs, chest or armpits; his refusal to wear fake female breasts, sham his voice or hide his member; his dislike of wigs... and then his attraction to "manly" stuff such as hip-hop, "muscle" cars, video games, and whiskey.

I see: perhaps the reason why I'm so drawn to his blog is that we have so much in common! (Except for all that macho stuff he's into) 

Anyways, he definitely qualifies as a New Male!

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  1. Society is so badly screwed. Clothing is something we either like to wear or not.
    I would choose a pretty dress and tights over a suit any day. A dress is comfortable and colourful. Why be uncomfortable and in drab colours if you don't need to be.