Sunday, November 17, 2013

Hana: Recent Switches

Hana Pesut

 Switcheroo is the term coined by this gifted Canadian photographer for this fascinating experiment: she takes pictures of couples interchanging their outfits.

The results are fascinating: more often that not, the male partner looks much better in his spouse's clothing!
At times, the female half, no matter how pretty she may be, looks awful in her mate's apparel (below), proving, as if further proof were needed, just how unflattering male clothing may be.

And at a very few times, there are almost no results: the couple looks quite alike before and after the switch: the couple wore similar, gender-free clothes to start with. (That'll probably be our case if my wife and I were shot by Miss Pesut!) Those are New Males, I guess:

View more at her wonderful blog
You can also buy her book

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