Friday, February 14, 2014

Borrowed Dresses


Olly, an independent male artist (he does have a female alter ego, though: Ms. Amelia Stone), has  dedicated a complete section of his wonderful blog to sharing portraits of himself wearing "borrowed dresses".

It's really worth visiting: He looks absolutely stunning in every single one of them.

I wish I could borrow that many dresses! (and look just as good as he does wearing a dress!)

Now, I'd love to hear from you, my loyal and dear readers: any pics of yourself in dresses?
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  1. Never worn a dress in public outside the context of Halloween... a) Never been brave enough to (wish I were), b) I don't think I'd look very good in it. Just something about the esthetics doesn't look right on me, as much as I wish I could convince myself otherwise... My brain just tells me it's odd... Almost like having a dog that meows or something. But maybe some guys can really rock it! And as much as I love the bravery of guys who do, (far more chutzpah than me) I don't think most of the world is ready for it; I do tend to wear some pretty odd or outrageous things as it is, and I know that people stare, whisper, and make comments behind my back (or so my wife tells me). Doesn't much bother her. Should it bother me? No. But does it? Well, kinda...

    I guess that I've been feeling pretty self-conscious about they way I dress recently for some reason. Don't know about you, but do you ever get up some mornings and say to yourself, "What the hell am I doing? I look ridiculous! Everyone must think I look like a clown." As much as I love my collection of heels, tights, leggings, and floral, colorful patterns, I have to fight a battle with myself as to how ridiculous I might look wearing it, and what others will say.

  2. Jim, don't fight with yourself so much. The isn't you, it is what we think we have learned in the past. Everybody told us, don't do this, don't do that, especially when you a male person.
    I could step over it some years ago as I learned that I have to wear support stockings, light in summer-time, more heavy in winter. But I can not wear it under pants because of the heat which would extend the skin, that could be a high risk for my life.
    So, what to do? I did not think too much about, I wore skirts and kilts because there is no other option. And, what I learned was tat EVERYBODY accepted it, people like it, even at work. For official events I have to wear black stockings, black shoes, skirt and tie to my skirted business suit. All other times I am free and open.
    I do not need any excuses, I just did it, and I never have the question why. Today I ask myself sometimes why I did not start wearing skirted garments earlier, especially since I know that skirts originally only a male garment (some wore only long dresses in past).
    Again, do think what others might think about you, it's not your problem. And, looking around, almost 50% of all males on earth still wearing skirted garments as everyday wear because of heat, tradition, comfort. Think about.

  3. I see nothing wrong with these pics. I am a cross dresser and do like to look my best sometimes but I also am happy to be a guy in fem clothes.

  4. Yes, the world is changing, not by talking but by examples. Men are changing rapidly and it is really time that men going new ways with their kind of dressing. Personally I would say that men do not have to act or behave like women even then when men using women's style skirts and dresses (sometimes it is hard for me to see girls and women acting like men - maybe I am from the old school).
    And to Jim: Never ask why you doing something different, it is your wonderful nature. In case calling this "clown", well every day the same kind of dressing like suit and pants could be a kind "clown"-dressing. Go that way you like. It is not your business what other might think about you, you have to feel good and comfortable, that's the real way of life.