Friday, October 2, 2009

Gareth Pugh: A spring day in gray

Gray, somber, slender creatures march along the runway in Gareth Pugh's spring 2010 collection seemingly designed for the gray-haired new man with the ash-covered face.
Corsets, bolero-jackets, and of course skirts feature in the runway

The skirts may have a "shredded" look... but they are still beautiful

Tails may have no practical use, but they do make the figure look even more sylphlike


  1. I kind of like the "shredded look", especially the the skirt in the second photo. Something about the uneven, unsymmetrical feel of it.

  2. It is only in the last century or so, the age of the industrial revolution realy, that men and boys stopped wearing lace and bright colourful clothes infact right up to the 1920s boys wore skirts and dresses many of them identical to those of girls and infact often more elaborate than those of girls! With their hair in bows and bangs! Wealthy families kept their sons in dresses far longer than poorer ones did, often as old as 10 or twelve, They did not need to work, and were not subjected to the oppressive bullying of the lower orders who, needed cheap hard wearing clothing for work in heavy industry, and not being able to afford un-nescisary clothing would look with scorn on those who could, no doubt making the best of their lot by deriding the soft sons of the nobility as sissies! Well the industrial revolution is over! There is no further need for the suppression of men’s need for fine, soft flowing non industrial clothing, There are still vast numbers of creatures out there who having nothing more sophisticated to do with themselves, will leap at the chance of howling condemnation upon anyone they see breaking their chains, but able people need to be strong and help these folk with their limitations, while encouraging the more determined amongst them to mind their own business! As a child I was tortured by the horrible, dreadfully unjust and primitive, outrageously unfair mentality, that kept me in miserable, drab, uncomfortable clothing, never to be allowed to enjoy the touch of fine silk, chiffons, taffeta, nylon or crisp pleats and bright colours, when only a few inches away my sister had all of these things! Can you imagine the yelling if a girl were denied these things? Well men and boys are no different and for a century have suffered this mindless oppression. As a wee boy I used to wear her clothes, and loved the feel of them, not because I wanted to be a girl, on the contrary I loved being a wee boy, I still do! I longed for my own skirts and dresses and bright cardigans made for boys, Instead of this I was left crying to myself thinking I was some kind of pervert! Alas now at almost 50, my childhood long gone along with the memories I may have had If society had been fairer and not bowed to the demands of the unthinking masses. So I say good for you! Go for it, and make them bright, coulourful and lovely, then Make them part of school uniforms, and make sure that they are available to all children regardless of gender, and society will produce adults who will go on to enjoy them too! Then hopefully the names thrown by the great uneducated. will indeed be as painless as a popular ditty would have them!