Friday, April 23, 2010

Bill Kaulitz: feathers and heels

BillKaulitz17.jpg Bill Kaulitz image by Heart_Candy

German singer, songwriter, actor and model Bill Kaulitz, leader of the band Tokio Hotel has recently displayed some pretty extravagant but dazzlingly beautiful feathered outfits for DSquared2 during the last edition of the Milan Fashion Week
The getup included a pair of 4 and a half inches heels, which the singing model handled with total expertise. 

His lithe figure and poised, perfectly "manly" movements proved how  stunning a boy can look in heels. (The German TV hostess claims that some of his steps are a bit unstable, but I see no evidence of that assertion, even when presented in low-motion) 
The vid is worth seeing even if you don't understand any German: just endure the interview and wait for the catwalk shots.   

(Originally posted by Lolla at High Heels for Men)

A couple of images that show the style Haulitz is displaying in the video: an exuberant, black, bird-like creature form outer space. Will we be seeing his likes on the streets any time soon? 

Bill Kaulitz Walks DSquared2 Runway Show

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