Thursday, July 15, 2010

Lips of Passion

Ta Taa Tartan

Stylist Sonny Groo
PhotographDuy Quoc Vo
ModelMarijn Schotte
Fashion Cerruti, Filippa K, Wrangler, Eastpak

This wonderful editorial by stylist (and favorite blogger) Sonny Groo is an unrestraint and convincing  argument in favor of makeup for men. 

The light touch of fuchsia pink enclosing and reinforcing by contrast the model's green eyes, the sanguine, sensual red lips and the coquettish, wandering mole... let's face it: if it were not for all the prejudices, one should admit that a "made up man" does look really great.

Tartan's not my favorite fabric, but Sonny comes up with very balanced and attractive getups, kilt included.


  1. fine!
    Lipstick for Men, has future.

  2. not only lipstick, I think all the other things usual used by women too.

  3. Equality in Fashion, from clothing to make up and lipstick, nothing wrong with feminine and it's time for men to break away from the unforms of the last 200 years. Time for men to enjoy the same fashion freedom that woman have enjoyed for over 60 years, men to enjoy the same clothing that woman wear today.