Saturday, July 31, 2010

Rock 'n Heels

It's often the performing artists, even to a greater extent that designers themselves, who set up new, adventuresome fashion standards. Think about all those bands back in the seventies with their long hairs and psychedelic looks!  It's thank to them that we enjoy the current approval of earrings, weird hairdos, and other  unconventional looks.

To this day, entertainers are still the main trend-setters. It is them who came up with all those extreme extravagances such as piercings, tattoos and other body-modifications (most of which I personally abhor), that we now accept, or at least tolerate.

Anyways.. the charismatic Justin Tranter, vocalist from Semi Precious Weapons, one of the hottest bans around, questions all conventions both in their gigs and in his personal life: He shows up wearing dresses, high heels, and heavy makeup. 

Check out the Band's site for more details:

I took the pics from Life Magazine:

And here they are:
Tranter & the band in their theme-song:  Semi Precious Weapons

Other fashion-oriented performers in this blog:

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