Monday, July 19, 2010

Telfar the Trashista

SS 2011 Menswear

In what seems to be a "recycling"spirit, Telfar comes up with this odd collection. 

The secondhand-looking items, seemingly rescued directly from the dump, let alone a flea market, are, after a closer examination, actually flawlessly built and carefully put together for a balanced, stylish, yet apparently aleatory result.

Are we trying to convey  an Ecological message? 


  1. Small wonder: You are an ingenious and savvy clothes improver yourself, Karl!

  2. I don't get this. People really wear this???

  3. Dear Pal: Yes, I know... bold experiments by fashion designers can be quite "over the top", and seldom make it to the streets. On the other hand, without their pushing the envelope, male fashions would definitely remain stagnant and gray.
    Besides, fashion "shows" would stop being real "shows" if everyone on the runway wore the same stuff you see everyday in "real life". You need to spice things up with some extravagancy now and then. You can't refrain creativity... nor should you!