Monday, September 28, 2009

Bezhanishvili: Biblical Times

Masculine robes, reinvented by young Vienna-based designer George Bezhanishvili, bring in a dreamy, nature-inspired atmosphere to his Fall collection entitled Jheronimus, photographed here by Andreas Waldschütz.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Daniel Palillo

Interesting outfits by Daniel Palillo, in elegant, traditional black & white, but very bold designs. Oversized coats and blouses, large, distorted dots, and skull prints seem to be his signature.

My guess is that much of his "ladies" stuff could also be worn by men without any problem.

Old drafts

I just came across some old sketches. These are a couple of them.
I had made them several years ago (before I even started studying design and dressmaking)
A (very) few of them actually ended up being "real" garments.
Should I "unearth" them now that I can sew better?

Friday, September 25, 2009

Triple "Bill": "Barcelona", Bread", and "Butter"

Beautiful kilt spotted at the Bread & Butter Trade Show, published by "Streets of Barcelona" at From his public profile, one can guess that the poster is a young designer (or just another "fashion freak" like ourselves). Is this his self-portrait? I wonder.

Sunny day, huh?

Mariano Vivanco photographed model Luke Worrall in bright, contrasting colors, displaying some body paint, and wearing an uncredited but delightfully funny pair of sunglasses.

The picture was published by The fashionisto

Thursday, September 24, 2009

J.W.Anderson at this year's MAN show

Something like a shredded skirt (over leggings, of course) in J.W.Anderson's
minimalist B&W. A touch of ethnicity can also be traced in the svelte design. Below, the same skirt over knee-length leggings.

Leggings replace pants, giving a slender touch to the figure.

Wait a sec! Is that a mini-skirt on the right? And what about the nice jacket's neckline on the left?

Pictures from: WWD