Friday, April 30, 2010

Fancy Savages


Editorialist Sarah Bachs 
Photography Dancian 
Models Alex Dunstan and Callum Wilson 

See the spread complete at:

From Caly's Lookbook

Photography Pino Gomes
Fashion Caly Cox
Model Fabian Pfenniger

Siki strikes again

Male skirts again for NY based German designer Siki Im in his recent NY collection. Increased use of light gray hues are a welcome novelty, as well as layering and tasteful, elongated figures.   

Visit his site:

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Blogger update

You may legitimately wonder about us, male fashion bloggers who promote male fashion freedom in every sense (from skirts to high heels). 

How do we dress in real life?, you may ask.  Do we act as we preach? Do we actually go out wearing, say, a frilly dress and wedge sandals?
That is a perfectly logical question to ask and, of course, I don't have an answer. 
I can only respond for my own style, which has  not surprisingly been labelled as pretty extravagant by conventional standards.

But I do have some pics of my colleagues and other fashion people. 
I've come across them while surfing around the net. 
These are only a few of a rather large amount of pictures I encounter every day. 
Maybe things are changing after all. 


By now a classic fashion blogger in spite of his youth, Bryanboy came across a pair of Peter Jensen printed low-crotch trousers and a wonderful Mawi London necklace to go with them:

Bryanboy + Peter Jensen


Yolos from France is the moderator of the Facebook group "For the desexualization of clothing" (Por la desexualization des vestements) Even if we don't understand French, let's join in! Just for the fun of it!


An original designer and couturier himself, William's style is as unique as his creations. Here he is out for a party, his hair just trimmed and dyed, and a huge necklace hanging over his chest (his own design, one presumes)

Check out Black List, his blog. 
Below,  he designed and built this absolutely marvelous dress for a girlfriend, but he is wearing it himself! Now, that's a try-out not every dressmaker can perform... you have to have that body!
Heeled boots are a must with such attire, and the wig adds up to the looks.


Jujiin Samonte, TheGuy who Cried Chos, caught fooling around with extreme transparent platforms 
(and his sister's dress?) 
I'm pretty sure he doesn't wear them to class, or... does he?



"u laugh at me coz im different.. i laugh at u coz u all look the same", says Karl at Inkarlcerating. That could be a motto of many of us!

He has pinned a cross over his Fruit of the Loom tank shirt for this punk style that includes leather cuffs and, of course,  high heeled boots

Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic


I'm actually just re-blogging what was already out there but, all  the same, it's not fair for me to "expose" all those fellow bloggers to the world without at least giving you a peek of my own style.
I know I don't have the good looks of those much younger, handsome bloggers, but after all I'm promoting fashion freedom for every male, not only the younger ones.

So here I am, taking a break in a beautiful Balinese sarong, and gold & silver sandals. 

Monday, April 26, 2010

New wave skirt

Black in Black
New Wave Men

Photography Henrik Adamsen
Styling Sarah Paaschburg
Hair & Make-Up Monika Grensteen
 Model Michael Winther

This is just one pic taken from a fine editorial published some moths ago. 
I couldn't resist posting it: the ample, pleated knee-length skirt is worth sharing.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

"Trinity" (Axel & Chloe)

Oh my Goth!

Photography Greko Sklavounos
Fashion Brian Lichtenberg, Cheap Monday, Pudel
Jewelry Alex and Chloe

Not really my cup of tea, but for all you dark-fashionistas out there: wonderful jewelry from the recent "Trinity" collection by Axel & Chloe

Laitinen News

New looks by the Finnish brand include photographic transfers, diversity of textures (wool, cotton, gauze) and frilly shirts. Nice, balanced combination. 

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Editorials in lace

bodytalk0 River Viiperi, Johnny Angel & Patrick Rukai by Andreas Larsson | <em>Hercules</em> Spring 2010
Photography Andreas Larsson
Stylist James Valeri

 Laces and bows in a beautiful "Herculean" editorial: a large "mantilla" covering hat (above) and coquettish ribbons here and there (below) 
(The complete set was published by The Fashionisto)

bodytalk3 River Viiperi, Johnny Angel & Patrick Rukai by Andreas Larsson | <em>Hercules</em> Spring 2010

... and more lacework features in this another recent article, in the shape of a scarf. 

floris2 Floris Bakels by Dale Grant

Photographer: Dale Gran
Stylist: Steven Dahlberg 

Grooming: Yokaw 

Model: Floris Bakels @ Tony Jones

The collection also includes a quite original backless vest and a transparent shirt.

floris7 Floris Bakels by Dale Grant

floris8 Floris Bakels by Dale Grant

Follow the links to see the complete set

Friday, April 23, 2010

Bill Kaulitz: feathers and heels

BillKaulitz17.jpg Bill Kaulitz image by Heart_Candy

German singer, songwriter, actor and model Bill Kaulitz, leader of the band Tokio Hotel has recently displayed some pretty extravagant but dazzlingly beautiful feathered outfits for DSquared2 during the last edition of the Milan Fashion Week
The getup included a pair of 4 and a half inches heels, which the singing model handled with total expertise. 

His lithe figure and poised, perfectly "manly" movements proved how  stunning a boy can look in heels. (The German TV hostess claims that some of his steps are a bit unstable, but I see no evidence of that assertion, even when presented in low-motion) 
The vid is worth seeing even if you don't understand any German: just endure the interview and wait for the catwalk shots.   

(Originally posted by Lolla at High Heels for Men)

A couple of images that show the style Haulitz is displaying in the video: an exuberant, black, bird-like creature form outer space. Will we be seeing his likes on the streets any time soon? 

Bill Kaulitz Walks DSquared2 Runway Show

Asger Juel Larsen: Chivaldric Touch

Fashion by Asger Juel Larsen
Photography and Styling: Paul Joyce
Model: Rory 

Beautiful pieces by Larsen for his spring/ summer 2010 collection, including long robe-like tops, both sleeve-less and with transparent sleeves. 

I've re-blogged them directly from the designer's blog:

Leather slacks (and Rory's long hair) round up the looks.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Chop my blood
Photographer Benny Horne
Editor Way Penny
Fashion by 
Westwood, Gaultier, Vuitton,
Prada, J.W.Anderson, etc.

Corsets were not uncommon for males during the XIX century. 
This editorial brings that much debated and constraining garment back. 
Health issues derived from its prolonged use are not open to question. Neither is the fact that it causes the figure to become elegant and poised. 
So, what about just giving it shot now and then, just for the fun of it?