Monday, May 31, 2010

Brandão's Future

The Lost Boys

Brandão's pics somewhat remind me of what was considered to be "futuristic" in sci-fi stuff back in the late fifties or early sixties. 

Comic books and early TV sitcoms made frequent references to what things would look like in the "distant future", and these textures and shapes, as well as the furious-red back-round, looks quite "future-of-the-sixties" to me.  

Only that costume designers of the time probably wouldn't have predicted a male member of the Robinsons or Jetsons wearing a dress. No even in their wildest sci-fi dreams.

remulo0 Rêmulo Brandão Fall 2010

Transparent Juun

Transparenmcies are finally becoming a regular feature in menswear collection, such a this one, recently prsented in Paris by the Korean designer Juun J. Elegant and simple lines, black chiffon revealing the underlying silhouettes.

The complete collection, plus enlarged details, close-ups of the footwear, behind the scenes pics, and video, were posted all by Lestat at 

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Poles in Brazil

"Birds flying high and you know how I feel"

Editorialist Korad Parol
Styling  Jakub Bogusz
Photography Krzysztof Wyżyński
Models Michał DeskaGabriel Wolff

A few pics taken from this beautiful editorial by Polish artists for the Brazilian Mag. 
I chose them because of the original shirt, and the beautiful sandals (and the mini-skirt worn over trousers) 

See the complete set at:

Source: Morphosis

From Vienna's Life Ball

Life Ball 2010

Model Nikolaus Fürhauser

The Life Ball in Vienna is one of Europe’s largest charity events. It's aim is to support people affected by HIV. 

Among the  many celebrities and world famous stars attending the Viennese ball, we have these beautiful mythological figures. One looks like a glorious Dionysus shining with with juvenile ardor in spite of being surrounded by autumn leaves. The other, some seductive Faun clad in not in fur but in dry foliage.

And lastly, a modern day Atlas, nude except for the not-too-sexy socks and dressing shoes.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Know your Shakespeare

Sein oder Nichtsein 
('To be or not to be") 
 FHM Collections

Styling Alex & Anton 
Grooming Gregor Makris
Photography  Ben Lamberty
Model Tony 

In a Shakespearean mood, I believe we can recognize some of the leading characters appearing this German Mag. 
Hamlet, of course, holding a golden skull in Act IV scene 1, and declaiming: "Why may not that be the skull of a fashion designer? Where be his quiddities now?"

And also Antony, Romeo, Julius Caesar, maybe Valentin or Proteus, perhaps Titus, or Coriolanus...  

... but ho!, wait a minute I say... we could also have fairy wings, gnome hats, ass heads, and, of course, the ladies dresses and gowns too: let's not forget that in the Bard's time Juliet, Ophelia or Cleopatra would be performed by men...

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cinco Magazine

Styling Lorenzo Posocco
Photography Aline & Jaqueline Tappia
Model Gordon Bothe 

A couple of pics from an amazing editorial published by the Spanish Mag Cinco

I've reblogged them from 
where the complete selection was posted.

Tommy Cox, photographed by Bell Soto in a pair of wonderful extra-ample cotton Samurai pants. 

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Here Comes the Bride!... groom?

Young Ian O'Brien modeled some time ago for this beautiful editorial by  designers Romain Kremer and Bernhard Willhelm disclosing a man's more sophisticate, feminine side. 

He was unashamedly clad in stockings and a taffeta skirt much resembling a bride's dress. 

The images may not be that new, but I find them exquisite and worth sharing.

Street Fashion à Paree: Oh-la-là!

Steet Peeper is the name wonderful street-fashion blog. 

Among the many stylish and venturesome fashionistas featured in it, both ladies and gentlemen, you'll come across numerous pics of New Males

In it's Paris chapter, blogger and stylist Sonny Groo poses in furs and Rad Hourani high heels, very young model Charles Guislain shows off his slender figure (actually I'm a bit troubled by his anorexic scrawniness) , celebrity blogger Bryanboy, and many other gentlemen openly display their creativity by wearing kimonos, leggings, high-heels, what-have-you! 

Click on the thumbs to view a larger image (at the original site).

Street Fashion ParisStreet Fashion ParisStreet Fashion ParisStreet Fashion ParisStreet Fashion ParisStreet Fashion ParisStreet Fashion ParisStreet Fashion ParisStreet Fashion ParisStreet Fashion ParisStreet Fashion ParisStreet Fashion Paris

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Pretty indeed

Oh! You Pretty Thing
LX magazine

Styling Timothy Reukauf 
Grooming Renee Garnes & Tommy Ruscica 
Photography Gregory Kramer 
Model Tyler Riggs