Monday, April 30, 2012

Jerome Lorico 2012

Jerome Lorico 

Holiday 2012


Me! x Joey Ma

Joe Ma

Joey Ma is one of my favorite bloggers. He is, on account of his efforts in promoting a complete male fashion freedom, and because of the wonderful pics he posts of his looks, unique to the greatest possible degree.

But he has recently impressed me also for having featured in the cover of several magazines!
Among them, the e-weekly Me! 

Congrats, friend! You're now my Fashion Hero!


[m] marc lago

[m] marc lago

 4.0 Hypothermia

Photography Daniel Garzee

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Malevolution III

Does clothing have a gender? Essentially clothes, being non-living, inanimate objects have no sex attributes whatsoever other than those we humans happen to apply to them. And over the generations, applied we have! 

In fact we have designed our outfits in such a way that they will enhance the distinctive features of each gender, thus increasing the appeal between the sexes and raising our chances of reproduction.

In an overpopulated world, in which gender roles become more and more blurry and overlapping, our breeding needs become less of a priority. Small wonder that the ladies clothing reflects their current role in our modern society, depicting not only tenderness and passivity, but also authority, assertiveness, command, even aggressiveness whenever those traits are not only acceptable, but necessary in a woman of the 21st century.

Likewise, men's frailty, delicacy, submissiveness, features that have been unjustly banned from our behavior by prejudices and taboos, are being acknowledged. Menswear design slowly starts to exhibit that trend. Not only are gender-less or "unisex" collections quite voguish, but the also the true range and rich variety of human sexuality is finally admitted: "femimen" like Andej Pejic (above) and other androgynous models set the trend for males who refuse to be forced into conventional gender stereotypes. 

In what point of this wide, rich span are you standing at this point?
Are you a manly, macho man or a delicate, feminine, "femiman" ? Or rather something in-between?
Does your clothing reflect that?


Saturday, April 28, 2012

Harajuku Call

One of my very own places I'd love to see "before I die", would be Tokyo Japan. 

The Japanese culture fascinates me. I'd love to visit the Tokyo National Museum, it's temples, and the few wonderful historical landmarks that have survived the many earthquakes and the war bombings. 

I'd also like to get to know the birthplace of my favorite anime series, manga comic books, and to see how "monster movies" (kaiju) are shot!

But above all, believe it or not, what Id' most love to do is to stroll along the Harajuku quartier, where youngsters meet and display their eccentric, refreshing, self styled fashions, and to see at first hand all those innovative, vigorous, colorful young looks (specially the guys!) I've so enjoyed in my favorite Japanese fashion blogs, such as Tokyo Fashion News and Japanese Streets


I guess I should start saving up some yens for the trip!

Leebo Freeman

Leebo Freeman

Pho­tography Sebastián Tron­coso 
Styling Marc Piña
Model Leebo Free­man

Complete set at

Buffalo Soldier

The Fashionisto

Photographer Bo Brinkenfalk 
Stylist Dejan Zlatanovic
Model Uros