Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Pejic for Chess



CHESS is a new hair care product by the Japanese brand Molto Bene. 
It makes use of both chemical and organic technologies. 
And evidently works just as fine with girls of both sexes...


Andrej Pejic poses for


  1. Love your "girls of both sexes..." line in today's Pejic post!

  2. This Pejic fetish is really getting out of hand. Is this still a site about fashion? (Where are the clothes in these pictures?) Fashion for alternative men? It looks like a Pejic fan website to me. As an "alternative man" I wear everything I like. Even skirts. But this is not the same as wanting to be / become a woman or trying to look exactly like one. Please focus on the fashion, not on the adoration of the person Pejic.

  3. Thanks for your comments Stana and Alexander! This particular posting displays Pejic's magnificent features, of course, but it's still not only "about" him, but about a hair care product, which could, it's proclaimed, leave one's hair just as glorious as his (don't believe in everything claimed by publicity, though). This blog is not only about clothing. It also promotes the use of make up and other cosmetics.

    As long as he remains a biological male, he'll still be qualifying as a "New Male". And the same goes for other so-called "femimen". I haven't drawn any particular "line" as to how feminine a guy or style should or should not look in order to be included in this blog.

    I can't tell if he wants to become a woman, and, for the time being, I don't really care. Does he look as one? He certainly does, if we see things from a conventional point of view. But wait! Nowadays it's completely acceptable for some ladies to look "exactly" like what our grandparents thought of as "men"... Well, maybe it's time to update our concepts, and admit boy styles that look "exactly" like what we used to perceive as a "girl" without making such a fuss about it...

    I truly believe that the work of Pejic and other open-minded models and stylists contributes to the acceptance of less extreme but alternative fashions. If he looks completely girlish and still receives a favorable response, what would be wrong if the rest of us wore a simple flower skirt or heels? They would be perceived as rather moderate fashion choices.

    Many of my readers seem to agree with me, or at least they enjoy his looks as much as I do: this blog's three most-read posts feature Andrej Pejic.

    So he's staying, for now. Besides, come on, he shows up in what? Less than a 5% of the posts? You can always skip them!

    Thanks for your intelligent remark, though!

  4. Sorry for my bad English but I will try. I completely disagree with your point of view, but it's only my opinion. I believe a skirt (or other "feminine" things) will never become more acceptable for men as long as people make the link with crossdressing. There's nothing wrong with being a crossdresser but most people don't want to be thought as such because they are not like that. Pejic enhances this image of a man in a skirt = crossdressing. I believe that the only way forward is starting with "normal" looking men / boys in more feminine clothing.

    By the way, there are thousands of models. Pejic is the only model / person that is highlighted on a regular basis. Why only him? This at least creates the perception that you have a certain adoration for him and that he is your role model for alternative men. I don't have a problem with Pejic, not at all. And I agree he has his place on a site like this. But I do have a problem with him being the only person highlighted at a fashion site for alternative men.

    My english is not very good so I hope you're understanding what I wanted to say.

    (And yes, it's obvious that Pajic gets a lot of attention of you readers, but I don't think he gets a lot of attention from non-crossdressing guys ;-) )

  5. OK. I can see how we differ. We may have dissimilar opinions, but there’s nothing wrong with that. I do believe that the current trend of males featuring in “ladies” runways is advantageous to the idea of us men wearing apparel that has been traditionally considered “feminine”. If this tendency carries on, a day will come when wearing that stuff won’t be considered “cross dressing” any more!

    Pejic is currently a mass-media phenomenon, and he sure receives way more media coverage than other models. I can’t help that. Is it that he works for the top-notch brands like Gaultier? That he’s very talented? Is it because of his amazing features? I don’t know… I simply come across many more images of him than of other models, and I post whatever I happen to like and is pertinent to this blog.

    It’s not fair to say that he is the “only” model that has been played up by me. Many other models have appeared, and I’ve tried to promote them, as you say, on a “regular basis”, such as Darell Ferhostan, Stav Strashko, and many others. Those postings have much less frequency, due to the simple fact that they crop up less often on the internet. I wish I could encounter their images as often as Pejic’s, and in the same amount! If you happen to know of any other guys that I should be aware of, please let me know! I’ll be very appreciative…

    As for me having an “adoration” for him… believe me, that’s just your perception. And perceptions can be misleading. For instance: some of his fans claim that I post too little of him! I do appreciate his work and definitely take pleasure in his beauty (as in that of many other male and female models), but please notice, for instance, that I haven’t posted a single pic in which he’s styled in conventional “male” clothing, no matter how stunning he looks in a squared-shirt, jean slacks and woodman boots. Why? Because this blog is about the clothing (or hair products, or cosmetics), not about him.

    I don’t think that my modest blog can set up any role-model for a New Male. All I can hope for is to showcase alternative styles for men, which go from a single piece of clothing (such as a skirt, a dress, or high-heeled shoes) worn alongside an otherwise “manly” getup,... to the utmost femininity displayed by some audacious, paradigm-subverting “femimen”.

    By the way, I don’t see anything wrong with your English. Well, my first language isn’t English either, so I’m in no position to judge. Thanks again for sharing your interesting insight.