Saturday, March 27, 2010

East meets Tisci

Riccardo Tisci presented his "elegant street couture" for Givenchy, showing clear Mid-Eastern references such as keffiyeh-style hoods and "ethnic"-printed silk items, including "harem" trousers and leggings.

These are matched with "Western" collar shirts and tailored jackets without any cultural conflict whatsoever.

Stylish bloggers


Oftentimes it's the bloggers themselves who turn out to be the best models and the real trend setters. Take Jujiin Samonte at The boy who cried Chos. Yesterday he posted these pics displaying his unique style . Mabuhay!







Tribe á la mode

Sang Bleu Magazine

Editorialist Jean-Luc Française
Photography René Habermacher

We don't know the precise name for this fancy, fashion-aware urban tribe, but it does look quite, well... tribal. And, in spite of the pricey printed textiles, expensive furs, and elegant bijouterie, the gang also looks threatening enough.

I guess face-paint, tatoos, and S&M gear have something to do with that. Anyways, one couldn't stumble upon a more stylish mob.

Asian skirt

HEorSHE is the name of Asia Wysoczinka's latest collection drawn in austere, straight lines and stern tones of black and gray.
In spite of the set's name, I find the results quite masculine, including the skirts.

Other handsome garments include this wonderful ample overcoat.

Maybe the "androgyny" suggested by the title means simply that the pieces can also be worn by the ladies (but then, what can't they wear nowadays?).

Likewise, most of the garments from the designer's "ladies" department could be worn by us males, for instance this ample long black skirt, which turns out to be...

... a pair of samurai-trousers! Cool, huh?

Check out the complete collection at

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Phenomenal skirts

Kilts, skirts and overskirts (or simply long coats, oversized shirts or just shirts tyed around the waist acting as overskirts) in tartan and other in other less celtic materials, worn over trousers or leggings.
They all abound at Phenomenon autumn/ winter 2010-2011 menswear collection. Overlayed garmets make the getups less formal, while huge sci-fi boots and broad, pointed shoulders bring in the eccentric element to the proceedings.