Thursday, September 30, 2010

Blogger Update: Bryanboy, Jujiin, Joey, Karl

And now, it's time for an update of some of my favorite fashion bloggers. 
What are they up to? And more importantly what are they wearing?
On this occasion, I'll be focusing on my Asian friends:

Bryanboy Vogue Italia


If we follow the widely known blogger Bryanboy (24), the "Superstar Fab", we'll end up exhausted. He travels non-stop all the time!
Yes, he actually seems to live one of those fabulous-superstar lives envied by most fashion bloggers: he's actually invited to fashion shows all over the world and reports from the locations where and when  the great collections are being launched. 

Great names and labels march in close succession through his schedule, as do the major fashion capitals of the world.

The young Manilan has the chance not only to take a look at the designer pieces, but also, quite frequently, to try them on!

Sophia Neophitou, Bryanboy, Anna Dello Russo

More and more frequently, he's been replacing still images with videos, like this one, which briefly traces his complete profile:


Jujiin Samonte

Another gripping reporter, also a native of the "Pearl of the Orient", the blogging stylist Jujiin Samonte (27), captures our attention by his creativity and his travel reports. 

But what I find the most interesting aspect of his personality, is the fact that he is constantly reinventing  himself: his looks suffer all sorts of fanciful transformations, and he is always experimenting with hairdos and clothing. 

In this recent posting, he is playing with a starry top and a kilt.



This stylish and fashionable Chinese blogger, whom I recently encountered,  is publishing mostly pics of himself in the most unique and daring getups. Not in vain is it called "Individuality"!
If his blog, as many others, could be defined as self-centered and narcissistic, his refinement and good taste are no mean compensation, and his looks are groundbreaking and courageous: many of the pics have been taken outdoors. 
Always elegant and classy, he looks for inspiration in great designers, such as Orschel-Read (below)

Karl Leuterio

Last, but not least, Karl's not only the paradigm of a "New Male", wearing unorthodox and innovative garments with total freedom, but he's actually set in motion his own fashion line! 

Paradigmshift, his label, was unveiled last Sunday at Graxie, a store located in Manila's Powerplant Mall. 

The collection reminds us of Hourani's, if only for the fact that it's essentially gender-less.
He informs that his mannequins looked different from the rest... No wonder!

I'll soon be reviewing the collection. Good for you, Karl!

Karl's partner, Mike Magallanes, was also present during the startup, and he was also shifting several paradigms fashion wise.

Dazed Van Assche

Photography Cameron Krone
Styling Tracey Nicholson
Model Yuri Pleskun, Cole Mohr
Featured Fashion Kris Van Assche (Dior Homme Fall 2010 Collection)

I'm only reposting a few pics from this beautiful B&W editorial, published in the October issue of the mag.  
It features star models Pleskun and Mohr, wearing apparel by Dior's star designer Van Assche.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

From China with Love

Photography Dusan Reljin
Styling Sean Spellman
Model Sean O’Pry
Featured Fashion Dior Homme, Louis Vuitton


Magic and Dawn

The Golden Dawn

Design Tony Spackman @ Non


Monday, September 27, 2010

Street Fashion: Lenny Kravitz

New York vocalists, four time Grammy Award winner Lenny Kravitz promotes himself to a "New Male", if it were only for his wearing of a pair of Rick Owens wedge boots. 
The rest of the outfit, lets point out, is also outstanding.

He thus adds his name to a long list of creative, trend-setting performing artists.

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Shared Faith

Photography Thomas Lohr
Henna Tomohiro Muramatsu
Festured Fashion Lou Dalton
Model  Abiah Hostvedt at Elite London


Do or Die!

Fall Edition

Styling Timothy Reukauf


On countless occasions, designs and styles for women have been inspired by a masculine icon. Am I right, Madame Chanel?

So, when styling a man, why can't the looks be drawn from a feminine role model? 
Well... the references to disco-music diva Grace Jones are quite obvious in these setups. After all, the Jamaican-American singer, model and actress could be delightfully androgynous herself,  to start with!

The French-Nigerian David Agbodji, who models for Calvin Cline, looks stunning in these futuristic pieces, some of which seem to have been drawn right from a Fritz Lang film.