Monday, February 28, 2011

Polemic Pejic

Eye for glamour: Andrej Pejic's flawless feminine features

Andrej Pejic

The young and beautiful Serbian-Australian model is, as always, in the "eye of the storm". 
Controversy surrounds him as he keeps on modeling female clothing professionally.

For instance, in a quite intelligent article published by the British Daily Mail, Amanda Platell questions this trend, stating that it is "fashion's ultimate insult to women" and having a "male model dressed as a girl" is "demeaning to real women".

(Link to the complete article)

The story immediately got hundreds of comments, most of them backing Miss Platell, from what I've seen. But I couldn't disagree more with her! I don't find Andrej's work "demeaning" at all! On the contrary! I think that, as soon as the public opinion starts accepting males wearing garments traditionally considered "feminine", without thinking of them as "ludicrous" or "diminished" in any way, we will be advancing towards a more equitable society: If it's OK for girls to wear trousers, it's just as OK for boys to wear skirts. It'll be OK for women to operate heavy machinery or become assertive leaders in the corporate world or in politics, it'll also be OK for boys to play with dolls and for guys to unashamedly become "housewives" or to act in other roles  heretofore considered "unassertive" or "feminine".

Anyways... Andrej looks anything but ludicrous! 
He's absolutely stunning in those very same pictures chosen to criticize him!

Andrej PejicAndrej Pejic

Now: this blog's getting some 1000 visits a day... so come on, guys (and gals)! Don't be shy! I', sure you have your own personal opinions on this subject... Id' love to hear them! Leave a comment!


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Friday, February 25, 2011

Selfish Creature

Egoista Magazine

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Photography Pedro Janeiro

Back Home

Our friend Joey Ma is back home in Hong Kong, after spending sevral days in los Angeles, California.
He never told us if he was there for business or vacation, but there's something we are certain of: he had a chance to display his very creative and extremely individual style.

He posts very often, almost every day, and is always sharing glimpses of his (one presumes) large an very classy wardrobe.