Sunday, February 28, 2010

Urban tribe

"Tribal Python"

Styling and grooming Ignacio Lozano
Models Haydem and Raul

Unusual fashions for men? Now, why not going back to your tribal roots and wear primitive make up and body paint, and walking around carrying a yellow snake?

I'd call that uncommon! The proposal was made by Ignacio in this editorial for his magazine.
No matter how odd the looks might be for some people (I think the results are far for displeasing), you should admit that those necklaces are wonderful!
(The ophidian's also cool!)

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Man of the Camelias

Dublin-based Hong Kong-born designer John Rocha crowns his models with cute flower hats and plays with transparencies as part of a collection that evoques his own cultural cross-breeding.
Any possible severity is washed away from his cream-white or plain black tailor suits by means of playful shin-short pants, oversized coats or sleeveless shirts.

Chic light

"Into the light"
So Chic

Photographer Nicolas Valois
Model Adrien Brunier

Valois & Musco demonstate that white tuxedo jackets and bow ties do match with skirts, even if (or especially when) the bowknot is untied.

The complete editorial, including helmets, gas masks, and boxing gloves, may be appreciated at:

Friday, February 26, 2010

Brownish love

"Give me back my man"

Editorialist Beat Bolliger
Photography David Sims
Clothing Design Louis Vuitton
Grooming Karan Franjola & Clive Rousseau
Model Yuri Pleskun

A romantic, ninteenth-century mood prevails in the sepia shades of these pics featuring young Yuri in narrow heeled, flurry clogs, old fashioned coat in degradé hues of brown and long, polished nails.

What man may he sighing for? Some other (less womanly) self? The images are a small part of the third issue of the British magazine, and they are all worth seeing.
The complete series is at

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Carolyn's men

Spotted at the London Fashion Week, Carolyn Massey dresses her men in, among other cool items, a broad-sleeve cape-like jacket.
Black and gray prevail in her collection, but there's also space for some rereshing flashes of light salmon-pink.

She includes beautiful minimalistic tops worn with leggings which reveal some attractive net-hosiery covering the visible part of the skin. It does look sexy on a man too.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Finishing touch for a pair of pants

In the middle of a rather conservative menswear collection, Belgian designer Raf Simons comes up with elegant overskirts to be worn over trousers as, well... an ornament. And an elegant one too.

Check them out at:

Or watch them "in action" in this vid:

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Wrapped in fur

I don't know what eco-warriors among you guys might opine, but rock-star couturier Todd Lynn's recent collection, entitled, quite befittingly, "La chasse" ("the hunt"), contains several fur stoles and wraps.

As a vegetarian, my reaction at first was not entirely positive, but one should admit that the looks are simply magnificent. Let's hope that the hides are all synthetic...


I've already posted some pics from Nicolas Petrou's recent collection (With the fringe on top). The show was topped, I signalized, by wonderful hats and tubans. These are some more detailed photos of the headdresses. Not bad for a windy day...

Monday, February 22, 2010

King David's suit

Your traditional mens suit is not what it used to be in the hands of Spanish designer David Delfín.
In his fall 2010 collection shown at the New York Fashion Week, splashes of mustard-yellow transgress against the conventional gray, while leggings and fitted jackets thin the silhouette. Cute skirties are worn over dressing pants, and, at the end of an elegant, original and funny runway, the whole thing finally bursts into a magnificent splash of pink.

Dane in kilts

Skirts and kilts, dresses and flower print leggings featured, among other unusual garmets and capricious, colorful traits (such as pants with differently colored legs) in Henrik Vibskov’s fall 2010 collection during the Copenhagen Fashion Week.

A relaxed mixture of fun, layered pieces, both conventional and uncommon, and yet to a balanced effect.

Now, can anyone see a thing with those glasses?

Wonderful wonder

Photographer: Mariano Vivanco
Model: Pierce Taylor

Mariano's asistant acts as Vivanco's model for this wonder-ful editorial. The apparel icludes those enviable bracelets, very low crotch pants and a pair of not-so-enviable boots.
Pierce's really got talent!

Check out the whole ser at: