Friday, May 23, 2014

Open House

House of Alexzander

Eliott Alexzander's blog, one of my favorites, is evolving: for the good. 

For one thing: his "team" (seemingly, there is more than one contributor now) hopes to create "a virtual space in which gender variant individuals share their creativity, knowledge and opinions". My readers should probably visit him often. 

apart from that, he always shares valuable tips and... he has set up an online thrift store where you can purchase most of the apparel he's displaying in his gorgeous pics. (It probably won't suit everyone's body-build, though... I used to be  that skinny, but now...)

The only thing I miss is... his beard. (Probably because I wear one myself)

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From The Ground Up

 Seventh Man magazine

Model Jeremy Young [Models1] 
Photography Simon Harris
Styling Dean Hau 

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