Monday, June 30, 2014

Hands On!

Colorful Digits

Talking about "selfies": I recently took this pic at work, displaying our playful, brightly polished fingernails.
One of the hands belongs to a (biological) lady co-worker, one to a MTF transgender friend, and the last one, well, to me... (let me call myself a "New Male"!)

Can you guess which hand is whose?

The High-Heel Selfie


(Men in Heels)

Just a few guys out there, sharing their passion: pics of themselves wearing high heels!

Is this you?
My source didn't identify the wearers. That's too bad. 
so, if you appear in any of these pictures,  please do tell!

Or... Would you like to submit your own selfie wearing heels?
(Provided you're a guy. If you're a lady, send one of you boy-friend in stilletos!)

Go for it:

All pics came from this source



Photographer Robert Harper
Styling Paolo Zagoreo
Model Valters Medenis

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Yves Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent

S/S 2015

Sunday, June 29, 2014

It's been a While: Joey


I haven't posted anything recently about my good old friend, Joey Ma, one of the most conspicuous male "free-dressers" on the Internet today.

His wonderful blog, which increasingly becomes more interesting and more professional looking, now including videos as a regular feature, is as engaging and worth visiting as always, if not more.

At the time, he is "reporting" from Copenhagen, where this slightly eccentric, fascinating Hong Kong-based stylist  is currently showing off his seemingly extinguishable creativity and flair.