Sunday, July 31, 2016

Dark Couple

Shou and Misaki
Shou (l) is wearing
Tops EGR, Astrid Andersen
Skirt EGR


Changes in this Blog

Above: my admired model Ivan Fahy

Since I started posting, eight years ago, a lot has happened.

We are finally getting to acknowledge that human sexuality is more ample, rich, and diverse than what was previously admitted; same-sex marriages are now a common practice in many countries, and genders stretch far beyond the traditional binary. After many centuries of stereotypes, prejudice, and denial, people are finally getting to be accepted for what they really are: bi-gender, genderless, genderfluid, what-have-you.

Even “biologically” gendered people, i.e. those falling into the conventional ”male” and “female” categories, are acting, albeit unconsciously, in ways far removed from traditional patterns: ladies are becoming more assertive, gentlemen are allowed to show their feelings and to display their “feminine” side.

All this slow but steady modifications in our behavior, end up being reflected in the way we dress. , Recent adventuresome fashion designs are witnesses to that attitude shift..

On the other hand, androgynous male models feature more and more often in ladies collections, female models appear in menswear runways, and many collections are not even "labelled" anymore or are simply announced as "unisex". 

I'll keep addressing those of you, regular dudes who only wish to "spice up" your wardrobe. I'll keep posting about skirts, heels, jewelry, and flower-patterns in bright colors for "men", but I'm also extending the concept of "maleness" to include other aspects of our diverse sexuality: a-genderness, transexuality, genderfluidity, even female models in certain contexts: when displaying unisex garments, when they are sporting menswear (which nowadays is more and more common), or simply when they are wearing fashions I believe a guy would look great in...

I'm not changing the blog's name into, say, "feminine styles for all"; what I'm doing from now on is to increase in scope what a "New Male" can be: In fact, he (or "they") may even be a girl! 

This is not a blog about cross-dressing, since I advocate that clothing by itself is actually genderless and anything could and should be worn by anyone; I'm precisely pushing for blurring any dress code line that needs to be "crossed". That being said, if you think of yourself as being a cross-dresser... you are more than welcome: there are no limits here and you're probably gonna love this blog!

In short, I hope to encourage people in general, in spite of their gender identity or sexual orientation, to wear skirts, high heels, jewelry, and other garments traditionally considered “feminine” 

Feel free to post your comment!

Feel free to wear whatever you please!

Erikó SS17

Erikó SS17
Designer  David Alfonso

Saturday, July 30, 2016