Friday, December 27, 2013

Go get It!

Monsieur Jerome

These cool Rick Owens dresses and skirts for men are for sale at a major on-line retailer. 
Go for it!

Street Scene: The Kilt

Kilts and skirts definitely are a great fashion option for males; they can end up looking quite "masculine" (if you're concerned about that!) and yet stunning: just like on this unidentified young lad.

My source was this interesting Facebook Page.

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Catching Up: Sebastian Simon

Sebastian Simon

For those of you who don't know him, Sebastian is a pink-haired, cat-loving, 20-year-old Dane, obsessed with make-up and fashion.  

I follow him closely. I love the creative and constant modifications of his countenance (specially his hair-color) and enjoy his ever-fantastic looks. 

He has recently posted these gorgeous pics on his Facebook Timeline, which I couldn't help but re-posting. 

Sebastian has previously been in this blog, sharing a bit of advice about braiding your own hair. 
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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Pejic at Linda Farrow-BOFFO's "Building Fashion 2013"

Andrej Pejic

Megastar model Pejic was spotted at the opening Linda Farrow's new space y NYC.
Nice to see the celebs in casual instagrams for a change.

Also featuring models Shaun Ross, RJ King, and fashion journalist Katharine Zarreloa

Catching Up: Felipe

Felipe Castillo

"Too warm for male stuff" he says (he's the one on the left, by the way)

Some of you might remember this personal friend of mine. He's a professional opera singer who shows up to work in, well, how can I put it, in quite creative attires!

Some might say he's "in drag". I don't think so. I know those are not the dull, gray, boring wearables one associates with male clothing, but still, he's not dressing as a girl. He actually reserves that for his female impersonations as his alter ego, madame Vkallasova: an amazing, entertaining, larger-tan-life, full-feldged soprano. For me, what he does on a daily basis is simply being himself: a New Male. Make up and all!

It's a shame that he doesn't keep a blog, hasn't joined Lookbook, Chictopia or something, so that he can share his unique sense of style. Anyways: I've taken a few pics of him myself, as you may see. 

In our dressing room

Hurling the men costumes around
Oops... you can catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror!

Big gesture in pink tights

Il minuetto

Maria Vkallasova's Facebook

Other cool New Males

Monday, December 16, 2013

Van den Hoven for Independent


Model Jaco Van den Hoven
Photohgraphy Popeye

Street Scene: Shohei


Independent  fashion designer

Long pleated tassel coat Heihei (Shohei's own brand)  
Top Comme des Garcons 
Wide leg pants Martin Margiela wide leg pants

Visit HEIHEI online shop

View complete at Tokyo Fashion

The Eyeblow

GQ China

Photographer Mei Yuangui
Styling Dan Cui

View complete