Thursday, December 30, 2010

Petit Prince's World

Charles Guislain

French child prodigy Charles Guislain, a full scale celebrity model before he was 16, stunned the fashion world not only for his disarming blond cuteness, but also, and especially, for his androgyny, his natural ability to move around in heels and, most of all, his extreme (almost worrying) thinness.

I just stumbled upon this nice selection at this interesting Flickr photo stream.

Guislain, a multi-talented teenager, has already started a career as a fashion photographer and stylist, and he's planning to become a designer himself.

Is he setting an example to the younger generation? 
I certainly hope so: one of open-mindedness and respect for our differences, whatever they happen to be. 

A bad example? Quite the contrary, I believe. 
I am a bit concerned about his scrawniness, though, I should admit...

Also in this pic: fave bloggers Sonny Groo and Jean Paul Paula



Prince Charles is a frequent feature on this blog:

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Polish Poetry

Pagan Poetry

Model Marcin Ziółko


Skirt Boxing

Grand-couturier Gaultier has been one of the main champions of the male skirt since he first introduced it in his 1985 menswear collection. 

This time, however, fashion's senior Enfant terrible is combining skirts not with high-heels, mascara or other "sissy" stuff... but with very manly boxing gloves. 
A statement of some kind?

The French designer's boxing ring also includes cool leather slacks and jackets.

You can see more of it at

Monday, December 27, 2010

Weather Conditions

Hey you guys at the Northern Hemisphere! Don't you feel like wrapping yourselves in a comfy blanket to go out? Well then, you should be wearing this getup, featured in Rick Owen's 2006 collection!


As for us, we're in the middle of the summer down here, so we should probably grab something from his latest  collection...

Live from Harayuku

The boldness and carefree expressiveness of Japanese young men as they chose their outfit can surprise even me!

Those youngsters seemingly have no problem in dressing in whatever fashion they fancy, as they make use of their clothing to express themselves in a totally individual way, free of any outmoded preconceptions.

My main source of Nipponese street fashion is, of course, the very entertaining blog

101211-8718-MT: Street fashion Harajuku, Tokyo, Yohji Yamamoto, HENRIK VIBSKOV, BEAMS
Yuma Oyaizu, 19, student
Photography Mai Tanno

101211-8623-MT: Street fashion Harajuku, Tokyo, NOZOMI ISHIGURO, SOU・SOU, Vivienne Westwood, Undercover
Yonichi Isohisa, 19, student
Photography Mai Tanno

101208-8527-MT: Street fashion Harajuku, Tokyo, Belly Button
Yuji, waiter, 20
Photography Mai Tanno

101024-6090: Street fashion Harajuku, Tokyo
Ryo Hinaba, 19, student
Photography Kjeld Duits

101023-5804: Street fashion Harajuku, Tokyo, nozomi ishiguro, Makin Jan Ma
Takuya, 23, student
Photography Kjeld Duits

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