Saturday, December 4, 2010

Holy Glamour, Batman!

The gorgeous and androgynous Australian, allegedly the world's most beautiful male model (although he's been easily mistaken for a female) is a frequent guest at Maison Mathieu Berthemy's blog

This is the latest shot by Berthemy and Kemler, entitled Holy Andrej.

Andrej's pics appear frequently in my own blog as well!
Not only is he displaying his splendid, long, shining, blond hair in my immediately preceding post 

but he also features in most popular post ever:


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  2. In fact, dear Elizabeth, divine Andrej is originally Serbian. He was born in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Shortly after, his parents split, and his mom took him with her to a refugee camp in Serbia. The family finally moved to Melbourne, Australia, when he was eight. It's there were he was "discovered" at age 16 when he was waiting in a McDonald's (or so states the legend). As far as I know, he still travels on an Australian passport.