Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Photog Discovery: Joe Bonomo


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Indonesian Charm

We've been reported that the Malay beau, who abandoned an Engineering career to take up modelling, has recently promenaded the catwalks of the Indonesian Fashion Week. 

He has displayed clothing by 

 ... and also by



Saturday, February 25, 2012

Street Fashion Update


I love street fashion.
In fact, the only positive way of keeping track of the evolution of male fashions, if any, is to take a look at what guys are actually wearing out in the streets. 

For instance, the garments worn by these innovative dudes, edge-cutting boldness at the time, will soon day become part of the mainstream, ... I'm quite sure of that.
Skirts, ample drop-crotch pants, even high heels. 


Takuya, a Japanese 19-year-old student, is wearing a sarueru (drop-crotch pants) by Funky Fruit
 His accessories include a silver earring, black leather shoulder bag and a stuffed toy hanging from his bag. 


Out-doors fashionistas often include noted fashion bloggers, such as my friend Joe Ma ... 


(Joey above is wearing pieces by Tata Christiane along with Rad Hourani male high-heeled sandals) 

... and also celebrated star-models, such as Andrej Pejic (below) who's spending his limited free time with his family in Melbourne.

Andrej's choice of clothing for his "real life" displays more than a touch of androgynous flair, a trait that has made him become one of the most sought-after male (or female) models.

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