Monday, February 13, 2012

Blanc Sandals by Karl

Blanc for Gold Dot

Among the most beautiful men sandals I've seen recently, I must count Blanc's Emi espadrilles, designed by this rising Philippine designer who also happens to be one of my favorite bloggers.

The shoes come in unique tones: 
shiny black, gold and silver

They can be ordered on-line at Gold Dot for incredibly low prizes: 995 Philippine Pesos which, at the present-day currency exchange, amounts to no more than US $ 25 ( some 18 Euros).

For those of us who are not hand-bag guys, Karl has also designed an expandable envelope-clutch (above, adorned with manly nuts and bolts)... The bags match the footwear, of course.

 I'd have no problem in wearing his Esmée flats also (seen above), a shoe he's designed for the ladies. 
After all, I've seen him wearing them!
But then... I have small feet.
These, alas, don't come in the larger sizes.

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  1. Thanks so much dear.... I was about to leave the office hwhen i saw this .. thanks for the sweet words... but i am afraid it doesnt come in men's sizes. sorry my love hehe. hugs

  2. They don't? Well... I guess you'll have to work on that, lol... I was probably confused because of the insole-length in cms: it differs between the two models (that's because of each particular design, I wonder?) By the way, just out of curiosity, do you normally use US shoe-sizes in the Philippines? For instance, my size (Europe 38.5) is mens 6.5 or womens 8 in the US. What size should I order? Big hug, and keep up the the wonderful work!