Saturday, February 11, 2012

Designer Profile: Miguel Adrover

Born in Majorca, Spain, in 1965, Miguel decided to settle in NYC in 1991. 
After opening Horn, a fashion store located in the East Village, where he showcased the talents of designers such as Alexander McQueen, he decided to take up designing himself.

He was so successful that in 2000 he was nominated for "designer of the year" by Vogue. 
His style is inspired by the conflicting social classes and the diversity of cultures

He relocated back in Majorca in 2004. His most iconic pieces are on display at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, the Metropolitan Museum in New York, Washington's Bellevue Museum, and the Queen Sophia in Madrid. 

These are some pieces from his past collections, which display Adrover's very unique style.

S/S 2005


S/S 2004


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