Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Native Horizon

Native Horizon

Photography Michael Franco
Model Ivan Gomez

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The Boy and Monster

Model Key 


Photography Suk Mu Yun
Styling Ji Un Nah
Fashion Editor Ji Eun Oh

Kim Ki-bum, better known as Key, vocalist, lead dancer, and lead rapper of the of South Korean boy group Shinee, is the handsome model posing for this stylish edit.

Key is no rookie when it comes to posing in unusual, creative styles. 
In fact, all the members of this world famous South Korean contemporary R&B boy group have often displayed fanciful fashions. 

Check out, for instance, this previous posting: 

Below, in an even more daring push of the envelope, the band poses looking quite like some of their cutest (female) fans  

In the next image, dancer and vocalist Lee Tae-min has no problem in wearing pink and a blonde wig:

What example are these guys setting for the Korean youth?
A good, unprejudiced, open-minded one, I dare say.

Other performers in Style:

Attending a fashion show
(Performance Artist in a dress) 
(Chinese singer and model wearing lipstick and high heels)
(Korean pop band JYJ and their unique)
(Theremin player Armen Ra)
(Bulgarian popstar... and parliament member!)
 (Self-appointed "Queen of the Internet" Jefrey Star)
(Controversial Polish Performer Madox)
 (Ukrainian male dancers in heels)
(Japanese vocalist)
(German Vocalist)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Darell Ferhostan by Chandra Pirda


Darell Ferhostan

Farhi Rehza
Photography Chandra Pirda 


Odoeur S/S 2013


S/S 2013

What I loved about the Swedish brand's recent collection are not only its simple, plain lines and slender geometric shapes: its basic, sober palette of colors, but I specially liked the idea of its relative "exchangeability": what is a cool, long tee for him, becomes a lovely dress for her...

Now, I ask, why don't we take the shift to the next level and include the her stockings and shoes in the garment sharing?

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Monday, August 27, 2012