Sunday, August 5, 2012

Street Fashion: MIH (Men in Heels)

I haven't posted any Street Fashion recently, in spite of those being my most popular entries.
The thing is that they take more time than the average posting, since there's some research and web-browsing involved, and that, time, is something I've been a bit short of lately. 

Anyways, these are a few pics I've been able to gather, showing some gents who publicly attest, beyond any doubt, that we men also look stunning in high heels... 

I'm afraid I'm not sure about the different sources for these pics, but I'll do my best to include the due credits.

This is Walerio Araujo, a Brazilian stylist who has worked with the late Alexander McQueen:

Source for most images:

A modern couple:

Kyle at


Chris, at

More Street Fashion:

Guys in High Heels
Androgynous Models: 

Other Models
Fabio Nunes posing for photographer Pedro Pisco


  1. Like everything else in fashion, there's a right way and a wrong way to wear it. I appreciate that you've featured some great examples of the RIGHT way for men to appear stylish and trendy wearing heels, rather than a sad female-male crossover attempt that we also see when some try to pull this off and just end up looking like drag gone bad.

    I've incorporated heels into my own looks on occasion. I don't wear them all the time, but I'm especially fond of my Fluevogs. Their men's high heel, the Prince George model is absolutely fierce!

  2. Thanks for the feature!

    I'm the guy in the black wedges with fluro socks


  3. Thanks for your comments! Jim: you certainly know the "right" way for a man to look great in heels, as anyone can see in your Lookbook! (And I have to admit that I've often copied your nail-polish colors)
    Martan: I've started following your blog! I absolutely love it!
    Thank you both, again!

  4. Does anybody know which heels the guy in the picture with the two girls is wearing?

  5. Splendid pics!!!
    I love! I'm wearing heels too and i like that!!!
    Best regards!

    my IG :

  6. Each person knows what apparel they want to wear and use as an expression for their identity. The social standards that we have to comply with were made by people who decided what they like and consider appropriate. How about restoring the choice to wear things back to each individual as nature intended? We have been dressing according to what others like or expect, because of the stereotypical programming that has been one of the controls used to squelch the freedom to wear whatever we choose to adorn with? These examples of men in heels and other types of activities we have come to think of as cross dressing aren't problems society has to squelch. It's the social expectation that individuals are so inept they need others to tell them what they should like and want to wear.

  7. Such a fabulous fashion is this. Men and women seeing wearing heels? Woah!

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