Friday, August 24, 2012

Wasp Waist

Gender Norms are for Losers

Or Fuck Yeah Men in Corsets

Corsets and girdles were once worn both by males and females, and for a reason: both genders benefit from those garments slimming the body and making its shape conform to a more fashionable silhouette.

In spite of the controversy surrounding their use, some women still wear corsets or corset-like garments on occasion in order to emphasize their curves by reducing the waist, and thereby exaggerating the bust and hips. After all, prolonged use of high heels is also questioned by medial authorities, and that hasn't reduced their appeal. 

There have been several periods in history  when a slender waist was also desirable for men, so male corsets were customary.

Anyways, even today a svelte waist in a man can be quiet captivating.
In fact, corsets worn by men are a common occurrence in fetish and BDSM fashion. 
So it comes as no surprise to find corsets, girdles, and stays in menswear collections from time to time. Not to mention Gothic, Punk, and other alternative fashions which look back to the past for inspiration or which question gender boundaries.

Some weeks ago, I've stumbled upon a Tumblr blog actually devoted to men in corsets!
It does have a fetish overtone, so it includes not only ravishing pics of guys in girdles, but it also has them displaying stockings, sexy laced lingerie, high-heels and lots of other kinky stuff.

A word of warning, though: it lets in lots of nudity and sexual contents.
Besides, as is a rule with most tumblr accounts, it has almost no credits and little or no information regarding the images. Too bad.
That of course hasn't hindered my enjoyment.

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