Saturday, July 31, 2010

Peace and Kilt

Think About You

Photography Aingeru Zorita 
Hair Shin Arima 
Model Brad Bowers

I  found these photos beautiful, but the getups not particularly stylish (they do blend nicely with the natural settings, though).  I loved the "hippie" reminiscences and the kilts.


Rock 'n Heels

It's often the performing artists, even to a greater extent that designers themselves, who set up new, adventuresome fashion standards. Think about all those bands back in the seventies with their long hairs and psychedelic looks!  It's thank to them that we enjoy the current approval of earrings, weird hairdos, and other  unconventional looks.

To this day, entertainers are still the main trend-setters. It is them who came up with all those extreme extravagances such as piercings, tattoos and other body-modifications (most of which I personally abhor), that we now accept, or at least tolerate.

Anyways.. the charismatic Justin Tranter, vocalist from Semi Precious Weapons, one of the hottest bans around, questions all conventions both in their gigs and in his personal life: He shows up wearing dresses, high heels, and heavy makeup. 

Check out the Band's site for more details:

I took the pics from Life Magazine:

And here they are:
Tranter & the band in their theme-song:  Semi Precious Weapons

Other fashion-oriented performers in this blog:

Adam's Men

Les Hommes

Photography Roger Rich

Part of a recent editorial. I particularly relished in those large earrings and the turban-style headgear. The set was published, without much comments or credits, by Adam, the models' management, in their blog:

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

News from Barrett

Spring/ summer 2011 Menswear Collection

What I liked the most in the British designer's recent collection are all the transparent textures in the shirts and tees, as well as those gorgeous sandals. 

His leather pants, and the elegance of his getups, are all worth looking at. 
So check out his website. It also contains a video of his recent runway show:

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Le Petit Prince

Prince Charles

Casting John Tan
Photography Agnese Mazzenzana
Model Charles Guislain 

In spite of his youth, or maybe precisely because of it, the extremely slim-bodied Prince Charles (Charles Guislain, 17) is certainly rising to super-model stardom at a rocketing pace,   embodying some contemporary male version of Twiggy.

Extremely skinny, to the point of concern, he seldom finds conventional menswear in his size. At least, that's what he claims in a recent interview. But he does have an amazing talent for modelling, and, besides, his refined fashion taste doesn't call for ordinary stuff. 

The afore mentioned interview was published complete at the interviewer's site, the stylist John Tan. Il also contains more pictures of the beautiful but scraggy prince.

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Glowing Green

Styling Zhoi Hy
Photograpy Per Zennström

This wonderful top was the outstanding feature in a recent editorial published by the German mag Feld.

The complete set is at the magazines' site,
or at

Monday, July 26, 2010


In His Hair
Film by Jason Last

Hair design Saya Hughes
Producer Ryan Dye
Model Allen Roth

It might give you some ideas for hairdos!

Prada, in Short

Menswear Spring /summer 2011

I don't know about you, but what I liked the most in Prada's recent collection were those ample, tie-around denim shorts. 

For other less groundbreaking but equally beautiful items (especially some colorful striped sweaters), you should refer to the brand's site:

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Rainy Day

I Can Stand the Rain

Photography and styling Krzysztof Wyżyński
Model Daniel Uzdowski

This is my favorite pick from a recent editorial by the Polish photographer. 
I liked it, you might well guess, because of the beautiful shirt, the strange head covering, and the leather slacks (and, or course, also because of the artistry of the styling lensman).

The complete set appears at his website, together with other beautiful editorials:

Friday, July 23, 2010

X Fashion

Fiasco Magazine

Editorialist Alexis Knox
Model Rory Torrens 
Grooming Akio Nishiyama, Kirka Verinen 
Photography Vincent Nord 

"Unisex Fashion", announces this dazzling publication in it's home page. 

Indeed! Any of these articles could be worn by either sex. Particularly those black leather collars: They can be a symbol of submissiveness (in spite of the aggressive pointed pikes), which nowadays can be applicable to either member of a relationship (be it boy, girl, or in-between). 

Or they can have the opposite meaning. For instance, such neckbands were worn by French grisettes at the end of the XIX century as tokens of their emancipation: they wore collars, but had no leashes!  

I left out a couple of pics. 

See the complete set at

Yuri in Black

Fade to Black

Production Karina Fernández
Camera Antonina Obradors

Celebrity model Yuri Pleskun displays some interesting garments in this brief video, particularly a wonderful transparent blouse at 0:47.

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Blogger Update

Some of us talk about "New Males", about innovative, groundbreaking fashions for the Alternative Man. But do we, as forward-looking fashion bloggers, actually "dress our part"? Do we wear unusual pieces of clothing, such as, let's say, skirts or high heeled shoes in "real life"?  

Well, I'm posting images of two of my favorite fashion bloggers who allow themselves to wear fancy, original fashions. In fact, some of the garments could be categorized as "feminine" by traditional standards. 

The contents of their blogs is not necessarily "mens fashion freedom". 
Actually, they write about fashion pure and simple. 
You should pay them a visit:

Frequently visited by me, celebrity blogger Bryanboy is a fine example of a web-log author who preaches by example. In spite of his youth, his blog is often listed among the world's most influential trend-setters:

Bryanboy at Givenchy Haute Couture Fall 2010

Bryanboy and Carine Roitfeld at Dior HommeAu Pied de Cochon Paris

Spanish stylist Victor Blanco is also a frequent source for my own postings. 
He was announcing an upcoming website wearing, of course, a pair of wonderful high heeled stilettos:

The link annouced there seems to be broken, but he does have a new blog,
in which he shows up with these Manolo Blaniks:

Con la Preciosa Zina de FASHIONVIBE

His former blog was: 

And there are many, many more "fashion-free" bloggers out there, of course, specially among the younger generation. 
They often post beautiful images of themselves and/or their work. 
That means that I'll have to bring up this topic several more times!

Having uploaded pics of my peers, I feel obliged to post my own image, so here I am, about to begin working on a new project: 

Biblical Dandy


Styling Gioele Panneda 
Photography Giovanni Squatriti 
Makeup Roberto GottiGrooming Maurizio FiumefreddoSet Design Danila Torcoli
Model Janice Fronimakis

I cannot tell about his preaching skills, but I'm sure our John the Baptist here looks just as beautiful as Salome, surrounded by animal-skins in a Mid-Eastern setting.  His beauty is, to be sure, enhanced by  his makeup and all that careful grooming.

It'd really be a shame if the silly, capricious princess had his head cut off!

You can appreciate the whole set, complete with the Biblical anti-heroine's features, at the magazine's site:

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New Prince in Town

Performing artists, from Liberace to Boy George, from Elton John to Kiss, have often been the first to question conventional male looks, to subvert gender stereotypes or to pioneer innovative, jazzy fashions for men. 

 The degree of tolerance we enjoy today is due, to a great extent, to their boldness. (Yes, I know there's still a long way to go, in the quest for total fashion freedom for men)

Even today, it is often pop singers,  rockers, and show biz people in general who display the most audacious looks and anticipate styles that may (or may not) reach the "mainstream".

Among them, Virginian singer John Quale proves that fashions do return: his Eighteenth-century-inspired character, Prince Poppycock, recently took a Reality-show jury by storm as he showed up wearing makeup, wig, and a bright green livery.

His looks are, paradoxically, among the most forward-looking of today's music market.

Just as myself, John has a background in opera, so he sings an updated version of "Largo al factotum" from Rossini's Barber of Seville:

And this is John, as opposed to his alter ego, the fanciful Prince, without makeup, but not necessarily without mask:

Other New Male performers from previous postings:

Craig Template

Bill Kaulitz

Monday, July 19, 2010

Ricardo Andrez A/W 2011

Selfish Fake
Autumn/Winter 2011 menswear collection

Photography Rui Vasco

Young Portuguese designer Ricardo Andrez presented his collection at the 
 Lisbon Museum of Design and Fashion as part of Modalisboa

Flashes of bright red and irreverent yellow gleam in a setting of less flaring shades of gray or cream. The context is in itself anything but dull: it calls for a varied assortment of cool items such as large tops and tees, as well as shirt-dresses.

Original jewelry and appliqués in glass marble complete the looks. 

Check out the designer's blog for more pics: