Sunday, July 11, 2010

Guy Skirts!

collection de jupes pour hommes hiatus

Just like I do, Jean Guy  manufactures kilts and male-skirts (that is, "un-bifurcated" garments, as opposite to "bifurcated" trousers) specially designed taking into account the anatomical and morphological characteristics of us males. 
But unlike myself, he has them for sale on line!

The designs are fantastic, quite masculine by conventional standards (not always the case with my skirts!), obviously comfortable, and they come in every imaginable shape: traditional kilts, sarongs, Kendo-skirts, "cowboy" kilts (!), knee-length, ankle-length... what-have-you!

So gentlemen, there's no need to browse through the ladies section of the store for your next skirt. All you have to do is visit Jean's site, 


Warning: the site is in French only. So, if you want to order a "jupe", I'd advise you to contact him at, just to be sure you have the correct size-chart.

By the way: it seems to me that he's modelling his creations himself! 
What a talented guy, this Guy!


  1. Well, the efforts are appreciated, but the reasons to browse the "ladies" section of the stores close to where I happen to be prevail
    - in the store I can try a skirt on
    - the choice of shapes, type of cloth, details is abundant
    - the price is affordable

    As long as "men" skirts are designer ware and beyond what most people can afford (to build up an everyday wardrobe), I'll not spend money on the "men's" section.

    Kind regards

  2. You made a point there, Rockio! Thanks for your comment!