Friday, July 23, 2010

X Fashion

Fiasco Magazine

Editorialist Alexis Knox
Model Rory Torrens 
Grooming Akio Nishiyama, Kirka Verinen 
Photography Vincent Nord 

"Unisex Fashion", announces this dazzling publication in it's home page. 

Indeed! Any of these articles could be worn by either sex. Particularly those black leather collars: They can be a symbol of submissiveness (in spite of the aggressive pointed pikes), which nowadays can be applicable to either member of a relationship (be it boy, girl, or in-between). 

Or they can have the opposite meaning. For instance, such neckbands were worn by French grisettes at the end of the XIX century as tokens of their emancipation: they wore collars, but had no leashes!  

I left out a couple of pics. 

See the complete set at

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