Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Givenchy in print

The new Givenchy campaign by their Creative director, the Italian designer Riccardo Tisci, includes male leggings and shirts in unique, oriental-looking printed fabrics, as well as a hint of Tisci's trademark "Gothic" touches: black studded sandals (The girls' lined wedges are also something to die for). The photographers were Mert & Marcus.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Flower boy

Photography: Ignacio Lozano
Model: Patrick Day

The masculine beauty of a model can be heightened by flowers, as we can attest in this ravishing images by Ignacio Lozano, Editor in Chief and Creative Director of Guapo Magazine.
After all, flowers can be not only female, but also male... and, wait a minute, now that I mention it, even hermaphodite!

More pics at the original editorial shown at the Webzine.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Object of desire

Wandering between the limits of accepted convention and certain eccentricity, French designer Romain Kremer has been one of the many creators trying out their own versions of a men's dress.

Why is that? Are they experimenting with gender identity as well? Perhaps: "today's man is a bit lost, in an identity crisis", says Kremer, "Instead of assuming a position of power he may well want to choose to be an object. Tomorrow's man is today's woman".

He designs, he explains, for a new generation of males. Pushed by the new tendencies of the fashion industry, the new male wants to have a new choice: the choice to be considered as an object, just as women have so far had that choice. "But menswear isn’t really delivering to those needs, so many boys feel lost. I try to design for them as well", Kremer concludes.

He designs, he explains, for a new generation of males who. Pushed by the new tendencies of the fashion industry, the new male may want to have the choice to be considered as an object, just as women have so far had that choice. "But menswear isn’t really delivering to those needs, so many boys feel lost. I try to design for them as well", Kremer concludes

Friday, December 25, 2009

The Lord of the Earrings

Photography and styling: Billy Winters

"Bijou town" is the name of the editorial from which these shots were taken, published by Fantasticmag. A large (and wonderful) town indeed, if one is to judge from the size and splendour of the jewels displayed which, in spite of all their glamour, elaborateness, and odd size, still look quite masculine, don't you think? Specially those huge, bulky, chained earrings below.

Dressy tattoo

Photography: Matthew Kristall
Model: Dan Felton

On shooting the bronze covered, tattooed young Brit, the New York-based portraitist decided to dress him in a glittery dress that, in a vague B&W atmosphere and in front of a gauzy backdrop, would appear to blend in with the skin designs and match the glinting hair.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Xmas Soiree

Makeup and grooming: Lan Nguyen, Simon Setter
Stylist: Guy Hipwell
Photography: Fabrice Lachant
Models: James Myhill, Alex Betteridge

Just in time for the glitter and shine of these festivities, the British wbzine Fashion156 has published this shining editorial, with lost of gold (no matter how fake) and large, bright jewellery. Feathers and other ornaments, as well as charming lighting and effects up to the enchanting and glamourous results.

Monday, December 21, 2009

The skirted constructor

Stylists: Marco Antonio Pardo, Nicolau Vergueiro
Photograper: Eric Mas
Model: Myke

This wonderful wrap-around squared skirt, not the most confortable item to wear to a contruction site (let alone barefoot) due to it's length, but otherwise a gorgeous looking garment.

The look of the eye

For your choice of eyewear for the upcoming spring season, you might consider these "retro style" sun grasses by the New Zealand-based label Cassius. They come in a wide, bold range of colors and cool shapes.

Jaiden and Rasharn revisited

I came across this interesting pic several months ago (above). The designers are Jaiden James and Rasharn De Vera Agyemang, who seem to have drawn inspiration for their fall 2009 collection from obscure, repressed, but nontheless genuine sexual urges: leatherwear, chains, contraints, and rubber leggings abound, as well as beautiful floral, pleated skirts.

I'm bringing this up, because a fellow blogger has recently uploaded his own pics of the show. The shots may be less professional, but perhaps for that vey same reason more "immediate" and "believable"

Now, to round it all up, I'm posting a few more of the original promotional pics:

Friday, December 18, 2009

Citizen K

Editorialist: Kappauf
Stylist: Jérôme André
Grooming: Nicolas Eldin & Vera Dierckx
Photographer: Driu & Tiago

Citizen K, one of France's leading fashion magazines, has published in it's Winter 2009 issue an aditorial signed by it's creator. It's entitled "Clair obscur ".

The monochromatic-shades, not only in the B&W pics bit also in the color ones, nostalgically remind us of those sepia-tinted early photographs.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Julius in spring

I took these woderful pics from Scoute, as you can clearly appreciate in the watermark. Actually, from their blog:

No credits are given for the designer, stylist, photographer or model, but the garments are part of the spring 2010 collection by Julius

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Soto shoots a Tale

Stylist: John Tan
Photography: Bell Soto
Addison Duffy, Brady Donnelly,
Jan Vlas, Jules Hamilton, Martin Gruca
Spencer Brown

Posing in a more or less punk-rock looks, from leather slacks and weird haidos (or wigs) to lipstick and black nails, but less aggresive and way more refined than the original hardcore garage-rockers of the 80s, these characters emerge from "Visual Tales" in an editorial created by the Tan & Soto team.

More Tales at a previous posting:
Or visit:

Monday, December 14, 2009

Unforgettable: Victor's shoes

Spanish stylist and fashion consultant Victor Blanco is not only one of my all-time favorite fashion bloggers, but he is also admirable for his own fashionable and oddly refined style, singled out particularily by his elegant, gorgeous stilettos, combined with not always matching handbags and purses which, nontheless, give him an overall harmonious, and balanced look.

His page is worth visiting:
as well as his blog (check out my links on the right)
Victor's shopping friend in this pic is Aldo Bologna, also in spikes.
They were shot at the NY Fashion Week: