Monday, December 21, 2009

Jaiden and Rasharn revisited

I came across this interesting pic several months ago (above). The designers are Jaiden James and Rasharn De Vera Agyemang, who seem to have drawn inspiration for their fall 2009 collection from obscure, repressed, but nontheless genuine sexual urges: leatherwear, chains, contraints, and rubber leggings abound, as well as beautiful floral, pleated skirts.

I'm bringing this up, because a fellow blogger has recently uploaded his own pics of the show. The shots may be less professional, but perhaps for that vey same reason more "immediate" and "believable"

Now, to round it all up, I'm posting a few more of the original promotional pics:


  1. This is a fabulous collection of inspired looks for a man. It totally captures the masculine-feminine duality that, to one extent or another, derives from our genetic makeup. It achieves veracity by igorning social conventions.

  2. "It achieves 'veracity'by ignoring social conventions"... How well put, dude!